Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Life as a Blogger

Looking back at my previous posts has prompted me to reflect on how my blogging journey started and where I am now as a blogger.

I started this blog as part of my PLP year 2 passion based learning project, to share out my findings.  I was actively pursuing an action research project on 1:1 computing through the use of iPod Touches.  We were pioneers in this area, the iPads weren't out yet and very few schools were utilizing the touches in the classroom.  As we ventured on this journey, paving the way through what felt like the thickest rain forest you could ever hike, I felt like for the sake of transparency (for our parent community) and helping our fellow 21st century pioneers, we had to share our findings.  This seemed like the best way to get the word out.  And it was. 

I landed on the name Emergent Lucidity because that's exactly how I was feeling.  Have you ever felt like at one moment, you can't see beyond your's cloudy, there's no direction, and no clear path?  Then the next moment, it's clear as a bell, you can see the path you are on and the understanding of where to head next is evident.  Then it's gone again.

Like all things, my blog transitioned to reflections as an administrator.  A way for the parents in my building, and also my fellow PLCers to gain insights as to what was happening in my world and offer great feedback/thought provoking questions.  It's sad, the last post I created was about leaving my role as an admisitrator. 

The blogging assignment has come at a perfect time.  It's causing me to reflect on my blog space and how I see myself moving forward.  In my new role at the Strive Partnership, there are some really exciting things happening that are causing me to reflect deeply on the importance of education reform, especially in an urban setting.  Some days, it's all very clear...some days it's so cloudy I can't even see what I'm working on...Emergent Lucidty at it's finest.  Time to start blogging again.

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