Monday, February 22, 2010

The sweet smell of SUCCESS!!!!!

Success doesn't come to you…you go to it -Marva Collins

And that's just what we did! Thank goodness for the tons of snow that we got in the last two weeks. The days without students allowed time for me to tap into the greatest PLN in the world! With the help of Chris O'Neal (@onealchris) I was able to begin syncing our cart successfully with a PC. It's still very cumbersome...but at least we are able to sync apps to the iPod Touches.

The focus of this post isn't so much about the iLearn Project (but definitely check it out at our Wikispace), it's more about the power of the PLN. I have always appreciated the learning that is spawned from the various blogs I read and people that I follow on Twitter, however I truly experienced the magnitude of a PLN a few weeks ago. In the middle of my despair with the iLearn Project, I sent out an SOS Twitter to my network to see if anyone could help me. Not only was my SOS heard, I received a life raft and a ride back to shore! Information came via tweets, personal emails, and blogs to help me solve my syncing problem. I was overwhelmed (and so excited) to know that I have such a great resource out there to help me through any adventure that I take on to promote 21st Century Learning! I hope to repay the favor one day VERY soon!

So this post is not so much about what's going on in the classroom right now. It's a shout out to my PLN peeps and a big THANK YOU to you ALL!!!!!


  1. Hi Dani - if you could, would you purchase a mac and use that for syncing or do you think you'll be okay using the PC?

  2. Now that we have it figured out, we'll use a PC. Once you work the kinks out, it's not difficult at all.